Maker of SleepPhones (headphones for bed) and RunPhones (earphones for active people)

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Brief Summary of AcousticSheep LLC

AcousticSheep LLC was founded in 2007 to promote its first product, SleepPhones®, pajamas for your ears. The CEO Wei-Shin Lai, MD and her husband Jason Wolfe (Chief Technology Officer), patented their invention and began to make and sell SleepPhones. SleepPhones are unique, soft, comfortable headphones designed for use in bed to help with insomnia and second-hand snoring. In 2010, AcousticSheep LLC developed RunPhones® by popular customer request. RunPhones wick away sweat and don't fall out like ear buds. Both SleepPhones and RunPhones contain removable thin padded speakers within a stretchy headband.

Customers love AcousticSheep products, and sales have grown tremendously. Over 32,000 SleepPhones were sold in the past year. AcousticSheep expects to gross over $1 million in 2012. AcousticSheep products can be found in, ThinkGeek, Best, J&R, and a variety of retailers. Dr. Oz loves SleepPhones and had them on his show 3 times so far. Press hits include CNN, Travel and Leisure, Prevention Magazine, The Today Show, and many other news and magazine outlets. SleepPhones have been sold to over 50 countries on all 7 continents.

Dr. Lai and her husband continue to run AcousticSheep LLC, making substantial improvements to SleepPhones and RunPhones over time. They operate an online retail business as well as wholesale directly to retailers and distributors. AcousticSheep respects environmental and social responsibility. The fabric for SleepPhones and RunPhones are made from recycled plastic bottles, and many of AcousticSheep employees can walk to work. The company works closely with other local businesses in order to improve the economy and goodwill in the community. AcousticSheep believes in doing good in the world by producing helpful quality products that customers love.

Updated July 2012